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Adrift: Lost at Sea

A game that turns your table into a lifeboat and generates unique adventure shanties

Successful Kickstarter Campaign!



Adrift: Lost at Sea is a challenging, 2 - 4 player, cooperative card game that focuses on bringing people together. It’s like the Oregon Trail meets a 16th Century shipwreck - As you make the journey back home on the unforgiving tides, your table becomes the lifeboat and you become the survivors. Plus, at the end of the game, you'll get a unique sea shanty about your voyage to sing (or chant) together and reminisce about your adventure!


On this journey home, you'll endure storms, navigate the seas, balance and repair your tiny lifeboat, fish for sustenance, and work together to help each other survive!




My Position:

Project co-creator, Lead Artist, and Designer

  • Mixed traditional boardgame card system with tangible resources board, and invented a unique boat balancing system to create strategical and challenging gameplay. 

  • Collaborated with a team of 3 to design and polish the game from a class project to a successful Kickstarter product through iterated playtests.

  • Digitally painted over 50 art assets for a polished, commercially released product.

  • Produced motion graphics for publicity videos. 

  •  Oversaw the general art style of the game and was responsible for 2D art assets and UI design.


Check out our game trailer below!

Turn your table into a lifeboat!

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