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Color Grinder

A color-splashing, challenging top-down shooter game with dynamics maps

Game Playthrough:



Color Grinder is a fast-paced top-down shooter inspired by games such as Splatoon and Diablo 3. It is being developed by Skylar Kelley and Orson Wu, game designers from USC's Interactive Media and Games Division.



My Position:

Project co-creator, Lead Engineer, and Lead Designer

  • Programmed a dynamic map that changes based on player’s attacks, and a color-bullet system that resembles Splatoon.

  •  Mixed Splatton-like color mechanics with a dynamically changing arena to create a unique and fast-paced top-down shooter experience.

Game Play:

Using WASD keys to move and the Mouse to point, players must survive unlimited waves of charging enemies. To win, a player must destroy the 3 Spawners in the shortest time. 

Do not be fooled! Standing on the same color as an enemy can prove fatal! This game is not as easy as it seems.

Standing on a color changes the color of the bullet. This means when you're standing on a red square you cannot kill red enemies, and you can also shoot through red walls!

When fully charged, the Space Bar gives players the ability to push enemies away but be warned, it takes some time to come back! Right Mouse also allows players to dash across the map at lightning speed! This tool is great for getting out of sticky situations but it will often cost you a life or two if you run into an enemy.

Explode Move 3.png
Action Shot.png
Explode Move.png
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