Your favorite forest animals have just picked up a new hobby.

Game Playthrough:



Driplash is a paintball-like, top-down, competitive mobile game that pits 2 players head to head, challenging them to strategically destroy each other’s base using area control and the limited resources on the map. At its core, Driplash is a top-down shooter with champion abilities.

If Splatoon and your favorite MOBA had a baby on mobile, this would be it!   

My Position:

Project co-creator, Engineer/ Designer


  • Mixed Splatoon painting mechanics and unique region resource control mechanics to achieve exciting and intensive gameplay. 

  • Made a grid-based coloring system and towers that control surrounding grids. 

  • Used object-oriented programming and encapsulation to structured the game.

Game Play:

Using a gamepad such as Xbox or PlayStation, capture towers and hold the arena in your paint to topple your enemies base.

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