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Hidden Artist (Working in Progress)

A wacky and humorous drawing game with a secret traitor 


Hidden Artist is a mobile, multiplayer social game. It is a hybrid of party games such as Drawful2 and bluffing games such as Werewolf. The core mechanics are that players draw sketches based on prompt cards, and the goal is to find out who is the secret traitor with a different card. Hidden Artist aims to create a casual environment where people can bluff and make fun of each other’s art skills.

My Position:

Project lead, Lead Designer/ UI/UX designer


  • Mixed mechanics from Dictionary and Werewolf to create hilarious gameplay that is full of humor and bluffing.

  • Iteratively made 3 UI/UX designs for the game.

  • Led a team of 3 to make the initial prototype and showcased the game in USC Game Expo and LA Game Conference.


Early UX and UI concept 


Later Improved UX/UI (Second Version) 


Current UX/UI (Third Version) 

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