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An experimental side-scrolling with Chinese cultural roots

Game Playthrough:

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 1.12.52 PM.png




A side-scrolling experimental game about a boy flying a kite in an ancient Chinese landscape painting. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 1.09.53 PM.png



My Position:

Project creator, Lead Engineer, Lead Artist, and Lead Designer


  • Programmed a kite system that allows realistic physics while flying a kite, including mechanics of releasing and rewinding kite strings.

  • Implemented a realistic wind system that can grant kite momentum or causes it to fail down. 

  •  Digitally recreated and combined two Ancient Chinese landscape paintings to one well-polished game background image.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 1.11.20 PM.png

Game Play:

Using WASD keys to move and the Mouse to control the kite string. To win the game, players must fly the kite as high as possible until the string breaks and then the screen will start to scroll and show the whole ancient landscape painting. 

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