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The Distance

A healing game about sharing and being caring in relationships.





The Distance is a 2-player cooperative puzzle platformer designed for geographically separated players. It tells a story of a broken relationship in a dual-perspective and introduces innovative multiplayer interactions to enhance the players’ emotional connection with one another despite the distance. 



Game Play:

In the game, two players are separated into two distinct worlds and only see each other as an abstract representation. They have special abilities to teleport objects in their own world to each other, and by doing so, they progress together.

Meanwhile, The Distance is supplemented by a story about a broken relationship told from two different perspectives. Each player only follows one character’s point of view, and to reveal the complete story, conversations between the players must be had to fill in the blanks


Game Playthrough:




My Position:

2D Artist and Level Designer


  • Digitally painted the background art and foreground objects with styled textures.

  • Made the graphics of the water level.

  • Designed a part of the first level.

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